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Understanding your most important values, concerns and goals is the cornerstone of what we do. Starting at our introductory discovery meeting, and throughout our relationship, we have discussions on the goals you are trying to achieve, what keeps you up at night, how you aspire to use your wealth, how you envision living your retirement, and how you want to leave your legacy.

We advise clients with whom we can confidently build a long-standing relationship. We do not spend time cold calling or mass marketing. Rather, due to the nature of our client relationships, we are fortunate to earn referrals to friends, family members, and colleagues of existing clients.

We serve as your wealth advocate through a relationship built on trust. We spend our days working to address your most significant concerns. Generally, these concerns can be categorized into five areas:

  • Making smart decisions with your money
  • Minimizing your exposure to income and estate taxes
  • Transferring your assets effectively to your next generation
  • Safeguarding your assets from third parties
  • Making significant charitable contributions

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Do you spend time worrying about these issues? If so, realize that everybody does not need a wealth manager. All wealth managers are not a good fit for everybody. Is Arbor Wealth Advisors right for you and are you the right fit for us? We generally find the answer is “yes” if you find the following to be important:

You want to be intimately involved in your financial decisions but want to leave the details to us. You are looking for a “quarterback” to whom you can turn to help solve your financial uncertainties.

You seek an advisor who promises to make every decision based solely on how it serves your best interests.

You want to tune out the Wall Street marketing machine and work with an advisor who can help you identify your most important goals and build a plan to achieve them. You want to focus not on which investment the talking heads in the media discussed last night but on which investments will help lead you to achieving your goals.

While your investments enhance your life, you also know that it’s not an end in itself. You are looking for restful nights, knowing that you have a plan in place that can render the market’s daily ups and downs virtually irrelevant to your future prosperity.